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What To Do About Wired Glass in Schools?

Read this article by Campus Safety on the hazards that wire glass possess. Learn about the history of wired glass in schools, how over the years our perception of wired glass being safe has changed, and the steps to take to change the glazing in your institution.

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The Hazards of Traditional Wired Glass

In an article from The Construction Specifier, read about the misconceptions of wired glass, and how they truly present a hazard to anyone nearby. The article includes code changes, liability, and current events involving wired glass hazards.

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Federal Task Force to Review Wired Glass Use in Building Code

In this article from Saanich News, read about the task force created by Canada’s federal department responsible for building codes and their efforts to review wired glass in buildings. As wired glass is widely used in schools, hospitals, and building offices in Canada, the task force will assess the dangerous and liabilities associated its continuous…

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Wired Glass Incident Leads to $5 Million Lawsuit Against local School Board in Canada

In this article by The USGlass News Network, we learn about a $5 Million lawsuit against local school boards in Canada from an incident regarding wired glass. While on his way to class, 18 year old Sean Lloyd’s arm was seriously injured while trying to push open a mostly wired glass door. He suffered several…

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Invisible Shield

This article discusses the challenges and benefits of using fire-rated glass in educational facilities, emphasizing its important for life safety in the face of various threats, including forced entry and active shooter situations. Fire-rated glass faces complications such as high costs and complex building code requirements, slowing its integration in schools. Manufacturers are exploring affordable…

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School Security: Windows and Doors Respond First

This article discuses the growing challenge and demand for updating and improving school security. The article starts off providing data on the history of school shootings in America from 1970 to 2022. Then providing the most common locations for active shooter to begin their attacks, to contextualize where updated security is needed. The article provides…

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NGA Announces New Test Method for Forced-Entry-Resistance of Fenestration Systems

In this article, the National Glass Association (NGA) introduces a new ASTM International document developed through the F12 Security Committee. The initiative aims to address the rising frequency and severity of school shootings by establishing an international standard that focuses on slowing and preventing intruders from entering facility through locked fenestration systems.

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School Safety Grants: What is Available and How Do I Apply?

The article highlights various efforts and initiatives by state leaders and federal programs to enhance school security and safety. Multiple states, including Connecticut, Ohio, and New York, have allocated significant funds for school safety improvements, converging areas such as security infrastructure and technology upgrades. It introduces several grant programs and encourages schools to explore opportunities…

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Grants Finder Tool

This website is designed to help users identify relevant funding opportunities to enhance school safety. The tool presents federally available school safety-specific grants, allowing users to navigate based on factors such as school safety, award amount, and application level of effort.

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