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Building Exterior

February 27, 2024

Student Safety: A Priority at Safti’s First: Insights and Commitment

With today’s school designers tasked with creating secure facilities where children can thrive, manufacturers such as ourselves must respond in kind by providing innovative building products that they can use to create these safe and welcoming learning environments.

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Windows in a Factory

November 7, 2023

Laminated Safety Glass with SGCC Certifications: New Offering from Safti First

With our fully-automated Pujol 100+ complete laminated glass line, we can now offer laminated glass using PVB, EVA, and SGP interlayers. We have one oven dedicated to standard laminated glass and another oven for hurricane, blast, ballistic and other security glazing products.

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Glass Door

November 7, 2023

Glass Industry Takes Significant Step towards School Safety

In this blog by Bill O’Keeffe, CEO of SAFTI FIRST, we take a look at the glass industries role into making schools safer. As the discussion of active shooters increases, glazing has become a “weak” point in the scenario. In August of 2022, the National Glass Association (NGA) announced the publication of a new international…

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