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Safe Glass For Schools
Designing with fire rated glass

About Us

Safe Glass for is powered by SAFTIFIRST, a leading USA manufacturer of fire- and safety-rated glazing and framing systems for over 25 years. For two decades, we have been dedicated to protecting students from unsafe wired glass and the dangers of radiant heat by manufacturing and providing safe, affordable fire rated glazing options that dramatically reduce property damage and the risk of injuries to students and thereby reduce the potential liability of education institutions.

This website is organized to help educate school district officials and school designers about fire-rated glazing technologies that make safer facilities. The content that you will find here is a result of our own research derived from data that is available to the public. We have endeavored to present the latest information.

For additional information on the products and services that we offer, please visit the SAFTIFIRST website or call us toll-free at 888.653.3333.

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