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Safe Glass For Schools
Designing with fire rated glass

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If you’ve explored the pages of this Safe Glass for Schools website and still want to learn more, here are some places to continue researching.

Free Webinars

Two Fire Rated Glass Courses for Credit

Designing with Fire Rated Glass – AIA accredited

Code Considerations in Fire Rated Glass – ICC accredited

Advances in new fire-rated glazing and framing technology and performance have made it possible for architects to design clear and innovative spaces like never before. With fire and safety glazing codes changing dramatically over the last few years, there is much confusion over which products are appropriate for certain applications based on current code requirements. This ICC and AIA accredited program will help architects, specifiers, code enforcers and campus facilities personnel select the correct, code-approved product for every application. Most misapplications happen because the limitations of each product are left out of the discussion – this program will go over the benefits and limitation of each product and the code requirements of the application. Charts, photos and videos will be used to help with understanding and retention.

Email Diana San Diego at to schedule a free course for AIA or ICC credit.


Read more about IBC and fire rated glass

2012 IBC 715 Tables: Learn more…

Traditional wired glass is NOT impact safe. For years, traditional wired glass was exempt from the CPSC standards for safety glass. Beginning in 2003, the codes eliminated this exemption starting in educational and athletic facilities. Read more…

2012 IBC limits fire protective glazing in vision areas to 100 square inches. The new 2012 IBC states that fire protection glazing, such as wired glass and ceramics, used in vision panels in 60 and 90 minute temperature rise doors located in exit enclosures and exit passageway s, and vision areas in paths of egress can be no larger than 100 square inches, whether or not the building is fully sprinklered. Read more…


Learn more About trends in school construction, renovation and funding

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities. This program of the National Institute of Building Sciences provides a treasure trove of data and information about facilities. Check out: frequently asked questions, resources for school facilities funding, and publications by NCEF and others.

American School & University Magazine. The ASU website provides a lot of up-to-date data and news about recent school construction and renovation projects.


Learn More about SAFTIFIRST’s advanced fire rated glazing options

mySAFTI. Confused about which fire rated glazing product to use in which application so that it meets all building, fire and ADA codes? This new FREE app from SAFTIFIRST takes the guesswork out of selecting the correct fire glazing product for your project. This fast and easy-to-use interactive design tool lets you search for products based on the fire rating or the application right from your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch. Requires OS 3.0 or later.

SAFTI Product Selector. The SAFTI website has tools to help you choose the proper fire rated glazing product for each application. You can find the right product either by where the glazing will go, e.g. doors, windows, or fire-resistive walls, or by the fire duration rating, such as 20, 45, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Find the Product Selector Tool here…

Compare Product Features. The SAFTI website has handy side-by-side comparison of features and ratings for its various fire rated glazing products. Find Product Comparisons here…


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