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Safe Glass For Schools
Designing with fire rated glass

Designing with Glass

It’s a whole new era. Gone are the days of opaque walls, dark, dingy window less stairways and fire rated glass embedded with wired. Advances in fire protective and fire resistive glazing and framing have provided transparent building materials. Glazing assemblies of today, used properly, can be used to create clear, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, light filled central staircases, and fire doors, sidelites and transoms with large vision panels. The key is determining which glazing and framing products meet code and provide optimal safety, energy savings and cost savings – all at the same time.

New vs old


Applications for Fire Rated Glazing and Framing

Below are some of the places that designers are using fire rated glazing and framing to gain various benefits that natural light and transparency can bring, such as: energy savings, health benefits, better morale, collaboration, learning and healing, and safety. As you can see, there are fire rated glazing products that are wire free, untinted and optically clear. And, fire rated framing can be customized to match nearby non fire rated design. The result is beautiful design that provides maximum fire-, impact-, hurricane- and ballistic protection for an affordable price.

Fire Doors

Fire Doors



Fire Resistive Wall Window Systems

Fire Resistive Wall window systems

Security Glazing Assemblies

Plaquemines Prison







Fortification of buildings once appealed largely to the State Department, the DoD and prisons, but that is no longer the case. Today, interest in built-in security has expanded to schools, offices, local government facilities, courthouses, storefronts, airports, and homes. Read more…

Full Vision Temperature Rise Doors

Full Vision Temp Rise Doors

Fire Rated Curtain Walls

Fire rated curtain walls up to 2 hr



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