Advances in new fire-rated glazing and framing technology and performance have made it possible for architects to design clear and innovative spaces like never before. With fire and safety glazing codes changing dramatically over the last few years, there is much confusion over which products are appropriate for certain applications based on current code requirements.

The IBC and NFPA have changed dramatically to accommodate new fire-rated glazing and framing products. The code changes allow use of fire rated glass in new applications like floor-to-ceiling glass walls and large vision panels and window openings in door assemblies, sidelites and transoms. But, not all fire rated glass can be used in these applications. The codes work to ensure that fire rated glass used as a building material protect occupants from impact, from radiant heat transmission, and from smoke and fire.

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SAFTIFIRST provides free AIA and ICC accredited web classes and regularly publishes the “Code Considerations” e-newsletter to help clear up confusion about the codes and proper uses of fire rated glass and frames. This website also features case studies and articles demonstrating creative and code-compliant applications fire rated glass. Most misapplications happen because the limitations of each product are left out of the discussion. This program will go over the benefits and limitation of each product and the code requirements of the application. Charts, photos and videos will be used to help with understanding and retention. Email Diana San Diego at to schedule a free course for AIA or ICC credit.

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