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Safe Glass For Schools
Designing with fire rated glass

Project Gallery

Check out the SAFTIFIRST Project Gallery for videos and photos of state-of-the-art fire rated glass and framing in interiors, exteriors, door assemblies and specialty applications. See code-compliant, transparent, tint-free installations of fire protective and fire resistive glass and framing that can block fire, smoke and radiant heat while providing natural light, security, vision and design elegance. Explore this website to see other examples of code compliant installations in schools and health care settings. Below are some examples of fire resistive glass walls, large vision panels and sidelites/transoms, and case studies. Go to Articles for find more examples of how architects and designers are using fire rated glazing and framing to provide fire- and impact-safe and light-filled spaces.

Fire Resistive Glass Walls

Large Fire Resistive Vision Panels and Sidelites

Fire Resistive Framing

90 degree corner framingAside from offering superior performance to traditional hollow metal framing, today’s advanced fire resistive framing products offer tremendous design flexibility to help fulfill the architect’s design intent while still meeting code requirements. Possible benefits include: design continuity, multiple finishes, curtain wall performance, benefits beyond fire-rated performance, and 90-degree corners. Read more…

Inviting Stairways

Stairway Project Gallery

Centrally located, spacious, appealing staircases will encourage use. There’s a movement underway to transform dark, hidden stairwells into prominent, spacious, inviting staircases filled with natural light. The stairway renaissance not only provides health benefits, but saves energy, provides vertical flexibility and connectivity, and improves workplace efficiency and overall occupant safety. Inviting Stairwells Project Gallery



Hurricane Impact Glazing and Framing

Las Olas condo

SAFTIFIRST developed, engineered and successfully tested the first-ever fire and hurricane rated assembly in 2006 for the Las Olas Beach Club and Condominiums, a luxurious multi-family residence in Ft. Lauderdale. The architect wanted to design the units with as much glazing as possible so residents can enjoy views of the surrounding area from their home. Read more…


Fire Rated Glazing for Healthcare Facilities

Patient waiting room looks onto exit corridor Today’s clear fire rated glazing products play a key role in providing patients and healthcare workers built-in or passive fire protection and natural light. This project gallery shows fire rated glass that meets all safety, fire and building code regulations in health occupancies.


Fire Doors with Large Vision Panels

Examples of SuperLite II-XL in 60 and 90 minute doors in exit enclosures and exit passageways. The installations meet both 2012 IBC, which requires vision areas larger than 100 square inches to block radiant heat, and the Americans With Disabilities Act, which requires vision areas to be within 43 inches of the floor. Read more…


Exterior Use of Fire Rated Glazing

Jewish Home for the Aged, San Francisco, California For decades, fire rated glass has been used inside buildings to compartmentalize and prevent the spread of fire, providing protection for human life and property. Designers are now discovering that fire rated glazing and framing assemblies are just as beneficial on building exteriors offering benefits, such as gaining LEED credits, adding natural light to interior spaces, increased energy conservation, and access to expansive views protected from hurricanes and wildfires. Read more…

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